• If you are visiting us for an exterior wash only, you can stay in your car!
  • Unfortunately no, bike racks must be removed prior to entering the wash tunnel. If you have the tools, we are happy to help remove it!!
  • It is always better and safer to remove hitches on vehicles. If it cannot be removed, we will bag it to better secure the hitch. 
  • We take all credit cards. Apple and Google Pay as well.
  • Yes there are, as follows:


  • Excessive Mud – Starting at $5.00
  • Snow Removal – Starting at $5.00
  • Pickup Truck Bed Clearing – $10.00


  • Extra Floor Mats – $3.00 per extra set
  • Excessive Pet Hair – Starting at $5.00
  • Excessive Soiling – Starting at $5.00
  • Excessive Sand – Starting at $5.00
  • Seasonal Debris – Starting at $5.00
  • Leather Seat Full Wipedown – Starting at $5.00

*All vehicles are subject to inspection by an attendant. Standard Interior Packages completed in approximately five minutes by a full crew & includes up to one set of carpeted and one set of rubber mats. Vehicles with third row seating are considered Full Size.

If you need more help or have any more questions

feel free to contact us anytime using the contact information below.

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